Metal Hammer
"We've seen some hell-a crazy drum solos in our time, but managing to take one up an entire Brooklyn Building from street-to-roof level might just take it...the Most Mental Drum Solo Ever."

New York Magazine
"Drumageddon is the Ultimate Drum Solo. Charlie Z tears through a Brooklyn building drumming his way onto the roof."

Metal Injection
"A Drum Video that will make you want to quit drumming or never even start."

Pulse of the Maggots
"The single most metal drum solo ever!"

Rhythm Mag UK
"Bored of drum solos? Check this guy out!"

Hymyhuulet Finland
"Most drum solos are boring but Charlie Zeleny is simply amazing...the all time most insane drum solo."

Metal Sucks
"Charlie Zeleny plays an 8 minute drum solo while climbing up floors of a Brooklyn building in one continuous take (!!!). He really sells it...Really cool concept."
"Probably the coolest and most creative drum solo I've seen in a long time. Charlie Zeleny. Must watch even if you're not a drummer!"

Movook Japan
"Yeah, this is basically the best drum solo you'll ever see."



All Music Guide
"Zeleny's drumming has to be heard to even be believed."

Indie Workshop
"Drummer Charlie Zeleny is solid and relentlessly creative."

Crave Magazine
"Drummer Charlie Zeleny has definitely come into his own. His lightning quick fills and keen sense of rhythm steal the show. It sounds like something Buddy Rich might have played if he had lived long enough."

Jordan Rudess, keyboardist of Dream Theater
"Charlie is the busiest drummer on the east coast. He has more energy than all of us put together. This guy can play in 4/4 as well as anybody and can count in 15/16 while doing it!"

Progressive Ears
"The drumming of Charlie Zeleny, whose credentials read like a who's who of jazz, prog and metal, is pure magic."

CD Baby
"Incredible drumming from Charlie Zeleny...all at once accessible, eclectic, introspective, energetic and ultimately uplifting modern music."
"I had to give Charlie Zeleny a 10/10 as his drumming is absolutely gobsmacking. From intense blast beats to intricate touches and jazz influences the guy is the perfect drummer...A true drum showcase."

Guitar 9
"Charlie Zeleny brings incredible dexterity and as well as a fearless no-holds-barred approach to drumset."

"I'm very familiar with the skinjob precision of Charlie Zeleny and I'm accusing him of being a cybernetic life form."

BNR Metal
"Charlie Zeleny has proven himself a drumming monster."

"Charlie Zeleny is quite simply godlike, staying synchronized with the other two thirds of the band through the fastest of speeds and most complex of rhythms."

Rate Your
"Charlie Zeleny's drumming routine should become an option for the Jenny Craig Program, shedding I'm guessing ten pounds after every arm snapping, barrel bashing performance."

0 Day Rock
"Charlie Zeleny's drumming is the real driving force in the music, playing terrific patterns and fills. Charlie Zeleny is awesome."

Rock N World
"Skinsman Charlie Zeleny pounds out a freakishly varied set of staccato-rhythms, the likes of which stutter and snap in varied tempos."

No Clean Singing
"Uber-Technical, outright berzerker drumming."



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